Tuesday Again

Tuesday again and I am off to Swedish Hospital for treatment.  Well, I go every other Tuesday to get it right.  This a chemotherapy treatment that pretty much takes up my whole day.  And it is the kind of deal that any normal person wants to run away from.  Going through the door at the hospital takes a lot of courage.  It is not because the experience is so bad, really the contrary.  It is just that the volume of chemicals that will enter my body this afternoon I don’t want to think about too much.

But beside that it will be fun to see my doctor and nurses.  It is a great crew that are fun to be with.  I have people that I don’t see for two months and we will pick up on the conversation where we had left it.  Maybe it’s books, movies, sports, movies or wine.  All good.  I always try and remember to bring some sort of healthy snack for them.

Anyway, I will take the Kindle along and do more blogging from there.  I have about three hours of being confined to the comfy chair and if I don’t nap off I can get something done.  I will think of something fun to do.  OK, till later, Phil.

3 thoughts on “Tuesday Again”

  1. Hi Phil
    Just want to say hello and let you know I am checking up on you! I am enjoying your blog and sent it to my cousin and friend both of whom are dealing with a very similar situation. You are an inspiration. I also send the article about your fame to Karl and Marilyn for the Cheektowaga archives. Keep up the good work…..sending you healing thoughts….keep fighting those nasty cells….love, Erna

  2. Hey friend of archers too – saw you driving off 9am boat first of the pack- admire your courage!

  3. Sounds like you’re going to get those docs and nurses on a health kick! I keep getting good eyewitness reports on your walking from my eye in the sky on Phil on the ground network– they say you’re moving like gangbusters and going strong. Good to hear. Work project got extended– good news and bad, I guess. Nice to get paid, but, as Eliza Doolitte’s dad in My Fair Lady said when asked by the judge why he was still on the dole, “I tried work– it took up me WHOLE day!” So, we’ll get there for a visit when work slows a bit– soon. Tryg is demanding it.
    Thinking of you, Buddy. Always.

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