Major Blowout!

Sheena’s Ukulele Band

We had a crowd yesterday for the afternoon walk and tapas, a full table so to speak. Most of the folks were our dear locals thawing out from the long winter. But Sheena came, one of my dear nurses with her husband and two friends from the mainland. We were having way too much fun and then that foursome broke out their ukuleles and serenaded us with tunes. One of those magical moments.

We were so inspired that we ordered two ukuleles, a song book and a tuner online last night after the party was over. We are in the game!

Let’s see what Annie’s quotes are up to today. And Day 23 says,

The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes. Marcel Proust.

New ways to see and understand are what we are after after all. Our inner pilgrimage is that very thing. It is that thing that at some point in our lives becomes the path or the real path for us. It seems sort of simple as I describe it here but in reality it is rather a thorny challenge.

Walking in a moment here at the ranch. It will be quiet after all the hoopla yesterday. As always love, Felipé.