We Are Passionate About Being Lucky

Looking forward to this lucky summer stuff.

I don’t know exactly what that means but we haven’t let that slow us down in the past. Sometimes things just work out like they have a life of their own above and beyond our control. We roll with things like that.

The sun is out here in a serious way this morning. I have high hopes for getting some of my chores caught up. This is my idea of heaven to be messing around outdoors. Just got back from my Bible Guys class where I led today on Mark chapter 8.

Last night I saw one of my buddies that I hadn’t seen in a while and he called me by my nickname which is Lucky. He is the only one that calls me that but I think that it is apt never the less. It is profitable and fun being lucky I would say. I have been extremely lucky since my personal meeting with cancer is my story really.

And so I plan on continuing to keep this mojo going into the territory of the future. So Far So Good, right? I am going to let you go early today as the sunshine is calling me to join it. I’ll get the tractor and the chainsaw going and make some real noise!

Lucky loves, Felipé.

That Guy

Lisa from Arkansas posted this today on FB. Thanks!

Tomorrow or at some more distant point in time there will be someone in my exact shoes. I mean that person will be exactly where I am at today, maybe not geographically but in other important ways. Well, maybe geographically also, who knows.

I must clean up the sink and the toilet just like I found it as on the Camino. There were always others right behind you. You don’t want to be a burden on them and maybe you want to make the moment easier for them even.

The point being that we are part of a procession always going onward. It is not just our procession, it belongs to all of us. It is the Camino as I see it today.

Then what about that person that was just ahead of us, whose tracks we are filling. Can we thank them for leaving us some fresh batteries or that little piece of soap which was just enough for us. Maybe they kicked the fallen branch off the path. Maybe they left some inspirational graffiti. We will probably never know the facts but we can guess that others came to the same realizations that we did that there are others on the same trail that we are on. We may never catch a glimpse of them but there are hints and clues aplenty.

We must thank that person just ahead of us for making the advances that they did. We will perhaps met them someday but for now they have our gratitude, all of it. Then of course for the one following us, we wish them luck and offer them the best that we can leave. We only have so much energy and know how but we will do our best to make the way clearer or easier or more welcome.

This is all just a thought and may turn into a poem one of these days, who knows. Traveling on loves, Felipé.