The Seventh Game!

Caminohead Tammi Dunnaway at Wrigley Field.
Caminohead Tammi Dunnaway at Wrigley Field.

It has almost a sacred feel about it. The seventh game coming up, the armageddon, the last possible… The Cubbies did it right last night, winning game six by a decisive margin. What was it 9 to 2, something like that? Catherine and I were off to church last evening and we were juggling that with the game. Maybe we didn’t do either well but it was fun trying. They both seemed like obligations.

Catherine said something interesting about the situation of the Cubbies forcing game seven. She said something like, “No matter what happens their fans will love them.” I’ve been thinking about that since. That’s true right? And really how could it be otherwise. They have such heart that they are going to push it as far as they are able and perhaps won’t win the ultimate prize. But as long as the fans think that the team did everything that they could and sacrificed everything along the way, they will be loved.

And doesn’t that go for us with the major life threatening diseases. Chances are most all of us will get overwhelmed but pushing it to the seventh game and then getting overwhelmed is all one can do. Then it becomes sort of how do we do that best with what we got, with the most style, the most verve. The cards are stacked against us but realizing that and continuing on in spite of it and doing the best one can with that is the goal in my mind. And doing that for as long as possible is the winning. Maybe that is why Maryjane calls my Camino, my life quixotic. I’m still thinking about that.

The best to you on your trail, whatever that might be. Game seven loves, Felipe. Go Cubbies!!

About Blowfish On The Day Of The Dead

subtitled, "to Die For".
subtitled, “to Die For”.

Yesterday’s Sabbath Moment blog by Terry Hershey started out about blowfish. Yea, blowfish. So, not to be outdone I’m bringing you some blowfish news today. There are all kinds of species of these guys but Terry was talking about the kind that the Japanese eat as sushi. Now, apparently it takes a highly trained chef to make this dish and have you live after eating it. Sometimes or somehow they are highly poisonous, the fish. So, the whole thing about the eating of the blowfish is way more exciting than the fish itself, which is kind of boring.

So, in San Francisco there is a place that serves it and their website has 460 photos and 1371 reviews. Then in San Jose there is a place that has 598 photos and 1502 reviews. I guess potential customers check this stuff out pretty closely. And then there is this place that offers 70% off, this is the “cheapest blowfish”, hmmm, think I would pass on that one.

So just spicing up the old blog, bringing you cool stuff just like Terry. Hehe. Just letting you know that we all still have a sense of humor. If we can’t have fun with this stuff I’m not doing it, right? Right!

So Day of the Dead or All Saints Day in the Catholic Church is here when the veil between the living and the dead is very thin. It is a day of obligation so Catherine and I will be there at St John Vianney’s this evening. We are supposed to take photos of our loved ones that have gone on. I have a nice framed shot of my folks on their honeymoon at Niagara Falls in 1946 to take.

OK, I have a long list of things to accomplish today, time to go. Love is greater than death, Felipe.