Spanish Cooking

Sture carrying baguette.
Sture helping by carrying baguette.


I am really too tired to write anything now for today.  Sorry.  But know that I am thinking of you and wishing you the best and praying for you now and often through my day.   Please do that for me also.   That’s big and enough.  Thanks, love, Phil.






Phil’s walking schedule:

Friday the 3rd –  0900-1000.

Sunday the 5th –  1000-1100.

Monday the 6th –  0900-1000.


Yesterday, A Boaty Day.

Boaty is sort of a word that I used in Scrabble one time and Rebecca rejected it but she has since seen my side of it, I think.  Anyway yesterday I walked on the ferry boat with a few tools and my friend picked me up and we went to a marina in Seattle to work on his friend’s sailboat .  That ‘s two boats. We worked as long as we could and took off back to get me on the ferry again to get back to the Island on boat three.  Then I met a dear friend that I haven’t seen for a while and we caught up and while that ferry was close to the Seattle shore we watched a man fly fishing from a red canoe, boat four.    I could see fish rising in the water  around him.   Finally we got too far out to see him and at that point he hadn’t caught anything yet but he remained hopeful.   Of course, I am speaking for him there and I don’t know him very probably but I know fishermen, and that is what fishing is all about, yes?


Please remain hopeful, love, Phil.