Vashon, WA 98070 USA

Home for the night and then off again to Swedish Hospital now. Am getting aboard the ferry and I will have twenty minutes to hammer out a post. Well, just had to talk to two people about the trip.

I spent way too much time on planes yesterday. Did the whole trip from Santiago to Madrid to NYC to Seattle in one long day. At one point was lost in the airport in Madrid and was saved by A Camino Angel that I met earlier.

Had some fresh corn from our crop for lunch today. Harvest time. Is the best time of year, I think, and I am back for it. Everything around the ranch looks pretty good for not being touched for a month.

I will sort through my pix and try and get some more out. Maybe Todd and Maryka you could try and get me some material. Thanks. OK, we are coming into the dock. Keep going, love, Phil.

4 thoughts on “Vashon, WA 98070 USA”

    1. Hey, how’s the POV? We are making some Spanish food tonight in your honor. Major hugs, Phil.

      1. Oh I am missing my kingdom!! Enjoy the spanish food. Let me know if we can talk thru skype or facetime one of these days!

        1. Dearest POV, Besides being beautiful and talented you are full of good ideas! OK, will work on better communications. Have Alida forward the email that I sent to her. It has thoughts on your kingdom and also contact info for your humble servant.
          OK, this iPad has FaceTime set up on it but I haven’t used it. Again, get the contact info from Alida and maybe you could call me soon. You’re the best, love Phil.

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