Today Our 41st

With Stephen Tobolowsky at Port Townsend.

Happy Anniversary to My Rebecca and myself today. A whole bunch of water can flow under the bridge in forty one years. That’s more than a lifetime for some folks. It’s a lot of Christmas presents and Easter bonnets. Of course it’s not all party time, challenges abound but so do blessings.

We are back from our trip to Port Townsend, our treat to each other. So glad that we took a hold of that. We are talking about trying to go again next year. Lots of good new filmmakers and good new films every year. It is always inspiring to sample their work. Of course there are plenty of film festivals in different towns but Port Townsend is such a lovely welcoming place. They work really hard on this and they celebrated their 20th anniversary this year.

So, we are back to the ranch today. Work that needs continuing and walks that need walking and I suppose tapas to accomplish. The weather is rain, sun, rain, sun and repeat. Perfect conditions for little seeds in the soil. The crimson clover, the cover crop, is up in the corn. And all the areas of dead grass around are greening up with new little hopeful shoots.

The apples are ripe and the wild pears are starting to litter the ground. The deer like them alcoholic and mushy so they will move in for treat in October. The voles are everywhere, a high point in their population curve, and the barred owls are starting to be everywhere responding to that boom. It’s all happening in the wild kingdom neighborhood.

Off to walk momentarily, a beautiful morning is presenting itself. Come by when you get a chance. Check the schedule I put up yesterday. Remember soon the time will change and the afternoon walks will then start at 1530 instead of 1600 (3:30 instead of 4:00). Yup, winter schedule.

yup loves, Felipé.

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  1. Happy Anniversary to Rebecca and Felipe! How cool that you gave each other a treat and made it to such a supportive and intriguing activity as a film festival.

    As to the weather, that is one cycle in life that remains constant: constantly questionable. The plants need the rain, and the sun and the heat and the cold, but sometimes it is a mystery to us how the man upstairs delivers it to us.

    Here in Northern Spain, the temperatures are colder, still very little rain and we have gotten out all of our winter wear to see what might still fit after losing a bit of weight. Ann has been working on art: Stone Carving Visigothic symbols last week and now painting icons (I think she has chosen the Black Madonna) in a beautiful pueblo just up the Camino way a half-dozen kilometers. I say all that in support of you giving each other opportunities to enjoy life. She is enjoying it as am I through I am back in Astorga tonight and she is out at Flores Del Camino in Castrillo De Los Polvazares. It is the first day we’ve been apart since we landed in the old world.

    We are seeing lots of pilgrims from around the world. Today I helped some solve a cell phone issue and after telling them about the place where Ann is they ended up there and are spending the night. How great is that? They got to meet me and Ann on the same day but in two different places.

    So keep up the Treating one another. Here’s hoping that Your Rebecca and you will have many more opportunities to treat each other to special experiences.

    Hugs from Spain,


    1. Ronaldo ~ yup, it was good at he festival. In other news I have a Caminohead walking now and she just left Burgos. She was at the Veranda. Would you and Ann consider putting her up or taking her out to special secret restaurant that only you guys know about? The early part of her walk was crowded but maybe the Meseta will thin folks out. Anyway, let me know and let me know how she can contact you if that is OK. Thanks, Felipé.

  2. Happy anniversary to you two!
    I am thinking that the Veranda 2020 could last like a month… we can start with the Veranda, then Kelly’s birthday, then Port Townsend festival… how about that? Shhhhh!!!! I should not send out ideas to the Caminoheads blog ether… they just escalate and take astronomical dimensions… !

    Lots of love Love,

    1. Cris ~ I’ll get right on that! We could get Farmer John, he doesn’t have to do corn harvest til October. Yea. And My Rebecca’s birthday is tomorrow. Wait that’s more than a month. Maybe we will just have to all move in together. CaminovilleUSA loves, Felipé.

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