90 days), age, race, health insurance, and BMI. When you have asthma, your airways are super sensitive, or "twitchy." For World Asthma Day (May 5th), the Canadian Lung Association has some helpful tips for people with asthma. 6458. Over time, your doctor may adjust your treatment to help you maintain the best control possible with the least amount of medicine necessary. Are there any special considerations for adults who develop asthma? If you find exercise makes your breathing a lot worse, it could be a sign that your asthma is not controlled. For good control of asthma, you need: medicines – taken the right way, at the right time; regular medical visits for check-ups and to learn more about living with asthma; an action plan, so you know exactly what to do when symptoms happen. Air Pollution - Tips to Prevent Asthma From Worsening! Asthma can be controlled if children learn about asthma, see their doctors or nurses regularly, follow an asthma action plan and avoid asthma triggers. Many patients can live an active and normal lifestyle. 6021. Take your medications regularly. However, asthma can get worse over time. Asthma is not curable, but that does not mean that people with asthma will experience regular asthma attacks. Signs and symptoms of asthma may include: Chest tightness ; Coughing, especially at night or early morning; Shortness of breath; Wheezing, which causes … Read … Asthma causes airways to narrow and swell, making it difficult to breathe. There are different types of asthma … Electricity Consumption Questionnaire, Dog Breeds That Don't Wander, Raw Grass-fed Whey Protein, What Is Child Safety, Pickup Camper Shell, " />