Sore Arm

This Mexican cross a gift from Catherine. My sore arm is on there somewhere.
(photo P Volker)

Just whining about my vaccination wound. It’s not quite bad enough not to go to work though. Have to suck it up.

Yea, so the actually vaccination procedure was overall pretty painless. The local pharmacy teamed up with the local emergency preparedness group to put together a drive by situation that worked. No muss, no fuss. So My Rebecca and I are pretty happy with our selves that we navigated through that whole obstacle course.

There was a great story on FaceBook and the news lately out of Oregon. A group of medical folks were off manning a remote vaccination site. A snow storm started coming in and everyone had to pack up early and get hauling. The caravan of cars got stuck behind a jack knifed semi truck on a snowy road as they traveled toward home. The deal was they were carrying extra doses that were going to go bad. So they were out in the falling snow administering shots to stranded motorists til they ran out. And they had everything they needed along to make the whole deal kosher, in terms of personnel and record keeping. This was very cool.

ok, working on making it all kosher loves, Felipé.

8 thoughts on “Sore Arm”

  1. That’s what I like: snow-cooled, kosher vaccines. I should have been there!

    Keep up the good work,

  2. Oh, I get it. All I have to do to get the vaccine is get stuck in a snowstorm along the highway in Oregon. If only.
    Still on hold,
    Henriette Anne

  3. Great! Fortunate you! Oregon is wayyyy short on vaccine serum ( there actual was NO vaccine “held in reserve” by Trumpists) so we won’t get ours until late February, hopefully. Well, I will, then the next phase is the under-70 group for Joanna. The blizzard vaccinators were near us – a very cool story, although in that area there’s mostly anti-vaxers so they had to ask a ton of stranded motorists to get six who wanted the vaccine!
    The best part is one woman was caught in the blizzard ON HER WAY TO GET HER VACCINATION. She was distruaght because she missed her aoppointment and would ghave to start the process all over again. Imagine her flabbergasted joy when these guys show up at her car window offerring her a vaccination! So, it’s always a mix of good news and not so good, but it feels like a trend towards better days, huh? So happy for you and Rebecca!

    1. Steve-O ~ that was a good story. Well of course we are all hungry for good news. Sorry you have to wait that long. Any wait seems like a long wait. Hang tough, Felipé.

  4. I have a friend from Oregon who now lives in France and she was flabbergasted to see the images and story on French TV. I am on 3 different waiting lists for the vaccine and am very eager to get it and have many more people build up immunity!

    Covid-free loves,
    Mary Margaret

    1. MM ~ the Oregon story was a fantastic story and that is great that it made it to French TV. And we all need good stories. Wishing you luck with your pursuit of yours shots. There are some crazy stories around all that deal. Somehow My Rebecca and I made it through the gauntlet of the computer scheduling. The actual shots were anticlimactic. Keep us posted. Felipé.x

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