So Many Nice Comments


A riot of corn!

Thank you to my readership for all the comments lately.  I especially enjoyed and profited by the ones about my homilies at the Santiago Church in CA.  Speaking in front of a crowd is not in my background but seems to be what I do now.  Still getting used to the idea that it is a tool in my tool kit.

Comments on this blog site really make things happen for me.  With people reading without commenting it is hard to figure what everyone is thinking out there.   It brings the whole thing to life for me otherwise I am just lecturing.  And maybe more importantly a comment can steer the conversation to a new area that needs exploring, something or someplace that I hadn’t considered.

One of my best commenteers is Pilgrim Farmer John but he is riding across Iowa right now on his annual trip.  Our banter has led us on all sorts of interesting conversations.   Stay safe PFJ.

Also at the bottom of the comment page there is the signup to get Caminoheads automatically.  If you successfully get that figured out the blog post will just show up in your email whenever I post it, easy peasy.  This is the best way to do it.

OK, off to work, see you all tomorrow.  Love, Felipe.

6 thoughts on “So Many Nice Comments”

  1. ….I am still beaming!
    I so enjoy watching your movie, Phil’s Camino. But last night watching it with friends while sitting under the stars sipping on wine and munching on tapas was a special treat! What a lift to the spirit that was! Your movie is truly a gift to others…and a challenge to live life to the fullest! I am dropping off the DVD to another friend today! Looking forward to her being inspired!

    1. Loretta ~ you’re beaming? I’m beaming here too! Hehe. It’s a good thing. Hope that everyone at the party knew that I was saying hello. Thanks, Felipe.x

  2. Hola Felipe,

    Actually, you may have not realized that you are the one inviting us to participate with the posts and then, you by responding the comments, are the one starting out the conversation too.
    On moments like this one, when I find myself missing the Camino and feeling weird about it in certain contexts (for example, with those who don’t even know what the Camino is, or feel curious about what happens there),it is a wonderful experience to come here and feel “welcome and understood”… !!!
    Stay well!
    Cris M

    1. Cris ~ hi. Thanks. One of the people that I walked with in Spain was Laura from Barcelona. She ran a storefront performance center there called Island in the Sky. Maybe that is what we are running here. Sort of a home away from home Camino. Always thanks for bringing your notions to the table. Felipe.x

  3. Peregrino Phil,
    If the comment gets to you, it means I’ve finally traversed the path of navigating the mysterious of registering on Caminoheads. Must be pilot error, as the challenge was ongoing. Finally!
    Blessed to read your posts and excited for September. Missed St. James event in SoCal due to grandbaby in tow. In reading, about it ~ priceless! Better planning for next year! Corn must be ready or gone…munch munch! This lazy Peregrina must get up for another day. Blessings abound ~ Sherie

    1. Sherie ~ apparently you through superior skill or total luck have gotten to me. Just as well that you didn’t make it to Santiago Camino. There was way too much going on and I was totally overstimulated. It will be fun to see you in September in the quiet here. Hello to Bailey. Felipe.x

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