See, It’s Brightening Up

🌽Corntine Eve🌽
(photo P Volker)

It’s Saturday the first day of the 2020 Corntine 🌽. The weather outside looks iffy but I think that the rain danger is starting to disperse. I’m predicting the afternoon to be hopping in a 2020 sort of distanced way.

Just had my Bible Guys class. We studied Jesus’s miracle of the healing of the Gentile Woman‘s Daughter. I love these miracle studies. Now to talk with you.

During my class I got a chance to tell my story about the hitchhiker that’s I blogged on several days ago. Because the class story was about serving the “Other“. And the blog story was about serving the “Other”. Not that an Asian man is so much the other but in the time of Covid things are different more. A hitchhiker is for sure the “Other” and really everyone is the “Other” now, which is truly the scary part. Covid has driven a wedge between all of us.

But we walk on right, yelling to each other through our masks and being six feet apart? Ah, a little more than a rough patch in the road but not something that with ultimately do us in. We will get beat up in the process I know.

It looks like this afternoon we have a half dozen to a dozen folks that have said they will wander in. They won’t be all here at the same time. Kelly made chili and cornbread and is bringing a Coleman stove to keep it all warm. Guys are always camping I’ve always said.

We will be open tomorrow 10 to 10 also. So if you are close stop by. You don’t have to bring anything. I am sure there will be plenty as usual. It probably will be simpler if your tapas are simple, just of the toothpick food variety if you must.

OK, time to go. Have to scurry around in preparation.

brightening loves, Felipé.

2 thoughts on “See, It’s Brightening Up”

  1. Chili and cornbread sounds good. I’ll be comin’ round the mountain . . . Can’t wait to see you all. Wish me luck getting through West Seattle.
    Grabbing my trekking poles and hiking boots,
    Henriette Anne

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