Right Now, Maggie Walking Into Santiago!

And Maggie between her walking friends.  Buen Camino!
And Maggie between her walking friends. Buen Camino!

Here are some recent emails between Maggie and myself:

Maggie ~ how are we doing over there? Good, bad or indifferent, doesn’t matter. There is no wrong way to do the Camino. We are there to gather insights, right? Insights, insights, insights feeding our inner Camino. Bless you sweetheart. Love you, Felipe.

How lovely to see your msg. Hard to believe one day before Santiago. The deeper part of me does not want this to end. I cannot express my experience on an Android. My battery is almost out so I will recap from home. Maggie

Maggie ~ so glad to hear from you and to hear that you are on schedule. Have to admit that I was a little worried about you but you are fine. Sometimes deadlines can ruin a good thing. I will put up a post with your words. Thanks for taking the time. Love you,, Phil.

Leaving now
..not sure my words are that interesting
I was going to recap when I returned home. Now, off to Santiago!! Maggie

4 thoughts on “Right Now, Maggie Walking Into Santiago!”

  1. Way to go Maggie – Happy Birthday.
    I remember well the feeling of disbelief as we walked that last morning into Santiago; it was hard to believe that we were going to arrive after so many days of walking. The excitement of arriving carried us as well as the sense of loss too, that the walk would soon be over. We too did not want it to end. But, of course the walk continues onward in our everyday lives. The book of life is always open until God writes the final chapter. Happy Birthday Maggie. God Bless you always and you too brother Felipe. God bless.

  2. Maggie, your spark is felt right here on our little island. Thank you for sharing your steps and sweet spirit. Thank you also to Moira who tied the ribbon of connection for all of us. And from the corner where I sit, you have lifted my heart too.

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