Reasons for walking slowly

Simple thoughts by Mariandrew (From @bymariandrew instagram)

Not sure if the boss is coming today to write, but I thought to sneak in a post one more time, just because I read something on instagram today, and cannot stop thinking on it.

This woman posts thoughts written in watercolors, yes, very simple, but at the same time, I feel that the simplicity the page has makes me think on what she writes (check her out, she is @bymariandrew). This is what she posted today:

“When people are walking very slowly, I imagine the possibilities that could be contributing to their leisurely pace of plod:

  • Perhaps their feet hurt
  • Perhaps they are recovering from an incident that could have taken their life, but it was gracious enough to take their fast gait instead
  • Perhaps they are trying to notice everything and don’t want to rish
  • Perhaps they are too early for a first date
  • Perhaps they are trying to align their steps with the rhythm of their heartbeat.

I don’t know. Seems possible. ”

These lines made me think on all the different circumstances others may be going through and we don’t know. In this case, it is just walking slowly… Walking slowly can hide some lovely reasons as being early for a first date, but also be as devastating as dealing with the symptoms of a disease. So… no matter what and why, isn’t this a great reason for practicing being more patient and kinder towards the rest of the humanity?

“Love is patient and kind” Loves,


6 thoughts on “Reasons for walking slowly”

  1. Well said Cris.

    As a good friend always reminded me ” we all have our bag of rocks to carry”.

    Sharing a little LOVE along the way is always a good thing to do.

    May your bag be light.

    1. You have the wisest of the friends, William! And so you are!
      Definitely… I was thinking about the Camino too, when I read this… some days are feet were aching, other days, we were slowly appreciating the landscape, and quite a number of days, we were just carrying our bag of rocks…

      Big hug to you! Hang in there!! Spring is coming despite the snow, your pictures confirm that!!!!

  2. Thanks Cris. I’ve gotten to the point that if someone in the care ahead of me is slowing me down, I think “this person is here to keep me from getting a ticket.” 😉

    1. That is a very wise and practical thought, Jessica! 😉
      We are in a lockdown, but will have that in mind the next time I jump into the car!

      Warm hugs!

  3. Yes, walking slowly is often wonderful but so hard for me. Ann walks slower than I do so I have practiced slowing it a bit. But it is hard for me! And it’s all so relative, sometimes an older person walking with a cane passes me along the road! How can that happen? Engaging all the senses, whether touch to feel a pain in the foot or smell to enjoy blooming plants (or the bakery!) or sight to take time to follow the birds flying above it all should make a difference in our pace along the Way.
    Thank you for bringing this thought to us.

    1. Thank you, Ronaldo! It is soooo important to highlight the “relativeness” of the whole thing…!
      I was thinking of the Camino too… all the reasons behind my own moments of “walking slowly”, and I was wondering if I had thoughts about the reasons why other pilgrims were walking slowly… I may write about that next time!

      (I have to disagree with you about the smells from the “Panaderias”… to me, the smells from the bakery in the early morning made me rush to get my toasts!!! It was my carrot to follow!!!!)

      Love to you both!
      Happy mother’s day to Ann!

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