Moving Ahead

Jen planting the Three Sisters.
(photo J Meiklejohn)

May be more like Crashing Along at times, maybe Crawling Along. The trail is rough with occasional boulder which has rolling down to block up the road. But we continue on with a much slower pace of course.

We had a walk yesterday afternoon and tapas afterward. Then before Jim and Jen were here working on the corn. More specifically Jen is taking over one small corner of the corn to do the “Three Sisters”. That is an Indian technique of planted corn, beans and squash together. It’s all experimental here with Jen’s corner.

I started a herbal treatment yesterday as an addition to my standard treatment. Took it right before bed and now I am maybe feeling more tired than usual. It would be good,for,me to sign off for now.

occasional boulder of loves, Felipé.

6 thoughts on “Moving Ahead”

  1. Hang in there, my friend. Glad to see you yesterday to taste-test my new Sangria recipe, a trial run to the Oasis in August. On the trail, you were slow, but I was slower. Thanks to Jim Meiklejohn, the self-appointed sweep, staying with me and sharing stories. Isn’t that what the Camino–and Phil’s Camino–is all about? Sharing stories, and Sangria. Love you. Love, Molly Bloom

  2. Praying for good rest for you, Phil!

    I had a love/hate relationship with graffiti along the Camino trail. Much of it I didn’t appreciate, but there were some lines written by pilgrims which inspired me. Here are a few:

    –Don’t stop before the miracle.
    –In your darkest moments, the Camino will provide.
    –Love wins. After winter comes spring.
    –You can do it with Christ.
    –Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations.
    and. .
    –Can I walk any slower? Yes I can!

    Curt and I were slow walkers on the Camino. But we were OK with that and we always made it to where we needed to stop for the night.

    And I have been meaning to ask you to tell Rebecca that we read That One Day in August! We both enjoyed it! The characters were so well-drawn!

    Love to you both from Montana. Susan and Curt


    1. Susan ~ Yes, the graffiti! I was thankful that a lot of it was done in the tunnels and underpasses too.
      I had the old love/hate thing going too but in the end I’ve forgotten the ugly stuff. Thanks for that list, that’s beautiful! Felipé.x

  3. I met you after Annie visited my town. It was one walking day with my Seattle sister, Robin, who is also a dr. She was in awe that strangers would just show up to meet you. She loved the newness of your offering your walk and stories. I loved walking the Camino in Spain. Thank you for letting me be a little Northern CA blog reader, being reminded of this sense of community and following your journey. I wish you a peaceful week.
    Sending you a little sparkle dust,

    1. Karen ~ A lot of us are just supposed to meet. We have a big Camino party coming up August20-23. You guys are invited. We will have details up here pretty soon. Thanks for the sparkle dust! Felipé.x

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