Jolt Of Clarity

Felipe on the trail yesterday, a wet one.

Maybe one more day on the Choctaw woman. It really has juice, this vignette that we have uncovered. Are we in a hurry? Are we in a rush to get somewhere? Can’t we just dilly dally a little longer?

One facet of the story that is so worth talking about is how she was in relationship with God. How she was equal partners in the process that she was invited into. It wasn’t God over there somewhere but God close at hand. And it wasn’t God aloof but God as a working partner.

I have boiled down this story in my mind to refine the ore of it. Her part was gathering up death, which was everywhere, in it’s many forms and offering it up to God. God accepted her gift and transformed it to it’s total opposite, life. Life in the sense of building up of the soil and it’s capability and therefore to provide the food to feed her and her family. I am struck by the conscious yin yang of it.

Of course this faith, this knowledge, this ability stretches
back to her people. She didn’t think of it wholy but she upheld it and kept it’s flame alive. And consider that she did not start with some good piece of ground but one depleted, dead land. Perhaps it was some forgotten back yard of a rental house complete with car parts, broken glass and chucks of busted up concrete. It was something like that I’m guessing.

Annie sent us a comment this morning about how she saw a parallel in the Choctaw story and my story. How somehow what we do here at Caminoheads and what we are doing with the documentary is a similar gathering of the negative and offering it up to be transformed by God to a positive. We all are somehow living the bigger picture when we do this.

A good morning love, Felipe.

6 thoughts on “Jolt Of Clarity”

  1. Love that thought…gathering up death and offering it up. Esp as we were just out in your neck of the woods to bury my father. I will now try and gather up the pieces and see what life He can help me grow. Thanks for such a beautiful way to mull it all over! Peace, Karin

    1. Karin ~ Thanks for checking in and sharing your “burying” story. Keep the garden in mind as you go through these days. Keep in touch, Felipe.x

  2. Hola Felipe,
    Happy anniversary! Today is 1 year since we are friends on Facebook! And I am at awe at your feedback of my performance here at Caminoheads promoting me to Chief of the South America Bureau… a meteoric career some may say…

    I had a few thoughts about this story… but will elaborate in the next few days as I am done with my “other job” outside Caminoheads.

    Many hugs!
    Chief of Caminoheads South America Bureau

    1. Hola Cris ~ Is that true, one year? OK, and we have come a long way in that time, meteoric is the word. Thank you for all your energy that you add to the situation. I hope that your business trip was fruitful. Off to write the daily post, duty calls, Felipe.x

  3. Wow! You are such an embodiment of love & wisdom! A “God-shot” for all of us! Keeping you close to my heart in prayers! You are showing us the way! Graceful acceptance of the recognition of the fact that “the experience we are having is right where we need to be.” I have been invoked in the St Ignstian prayer process here at my Church, Santiago De Compostela in Lake Forest, since September. An aha moment during the Christmas season was that Mary’s original “yes” turned out to be 1000 yes’s as she pondered all that was happening to her. I was just was noodling on Mt. 3:1 – 12: Jesus’ baptism: make straight His path…. clearing out the mess of our lives so God can walk straight into our lives, is a lot like tending to our garden, nourishing it with the compost of broken, dead bits so that life can be enriched for ourselves and others with our daily attention to this process and we have a better glimpse of seeing God at the end of that clearer path! Sending you all the sweetness of creation! ❤️

    1. Maureen ~ thanks for your high octane comment! It is so wonderful to ponder your words and feel your energy. This buoys me up which is the whole bottom line of Caminoheads, that we inspire each other. Thank you. And thank you for your prayers. Making the path straighter, Felipe.x

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