Is It, Off To Lourdes?

Horses lovin the summrer pasture.


All of a sudden “On To Lourdes” sounded good also.  Do we have any English majors here?  Guess I can’t go wrong maybe.  Reminds me of the time when Annie came to walk Phil’s Camino for the first time March 2nd, 2014.  The day before I had placed five flat rocks going across Raven Creek so she could cross it without getting her shoes wet.  So, as she saw that on her first lap she said, “Oh, how Camino!”  I then said, “Please be careful I just placed them and they are a little wobbly.”  She replies cheerfully, “Oh, how Camino!”  What a lovely situation, right, when you can’t hardly go wrong.

That’s the groove I am looking for our pilgrimage to Lourdes, the no way to get it wrong Way.  Looking forward to spending some quality time with Father Tom or Padre Tomas as I think of him.  We need to better develop our stchick, as Kelly and I did when we had all that time and opportunity on the Camino.

And Kelly, just stopped by yesterday to see him.  He had a hip replaced exactly one month ago and he is getting around with a cane around the casa.  He says hello.  What  a guy, we always laugh together.

And got the four cabinets installed yesterday.  Catherine gave me a hand with that, the dear.  Father David was thrilled.  I was thrilled with the paycheck.  Still have to go fine tune them after I get back.  The wood has to get used to the new environs and things will move around a little.  I will try and remember to get a pic for you.

Well, that’s pretty much it for today.  I need to start thinking about packing my bag for the big trip.  So far all I got organized is the list of folks that I am taking with me to pray for.  I guess that is the most important thing anyway.

Miss you, love you, Felipe.


4 thoughts on “Is It, Off To Lourdes?”

  1. I love Lourdes! If you can, make sure to walk the Stations of The Cross behind the Basilica. Amazing!! I will pray for you Phil. Safe and healing journey.

    1. OK Norma, thanks for the tip. Yes, pray for me. Will be blogging from there. That’s the plan anyway. Felipe.x

  2. Phil~ have a lovely trip to Lourdes. Will be thinking of you on your traveling adventure.
    Sharing the dust,

    1. Thank you Karen. Trying to make myself pack here today. I like “sharing the dust”! Dusty Felipe.x

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