I Want To Start Worrying Cancer

The full moon setting over Phil’s Camino this morning at dawn.

I am seeing a time when we can start turning the tables on this problem. Yes, that does seem unlikely when we think about it with our normal perspective. But hey what the heck is normal about this blog and this neighborhood so far. Early on I coined a phrase that discribed my situation as “beyond normal”. I think that or something similar needs to be dusted off and used here.

Yes, beyond normal or in a place where we can see more of the path ahead of us, maybe is the same. I think it is time to start with this project of worrying cancer. It is high time.

This is strictly a guerrilla operation. We have little backing but we do have a lot of heart. We have knowledge and a network and sharp pointed sticks. And most of all, I for one, have little to lose.

This is Cancer Commando stuff. A revival of the old spirit. Only this time we are fighting the enemy that is not just cancer but Cancer, We are going to start worrying Cancer or in other words cancer as a whole, the whole damn shebang. It’s about time I’d say.

I know that sounds like a tall order but taking the first step needs to be done so that we can all see it and know what it means. Have to go and walk this AM on Phil’s Camino and I think that we have said it for today.

Spring is coming loves, Felipé.

2 thoughts on “I Want To Start Worrying Cancer”

  1. Querido Felipe,

    What a post the one from yesterday’s! And this one, I read it, and I had to read it again as I was not sure if I got what you were trying to say in the first time; the second, it made total sense. As you know, often times, the words tells us things that we don’t seem to understand…

    These last two posts spoke very deeply to me… I think it is because what is “going on in my life” has taken over control “of my life” -in your words: I cannot see the path ahead”. In the Camino, as you know, there were many hard days, but we knew what was coming next, at least of the landscape, the path was visible, and we knew that at the end of the day, a bed to rest would be there. And maybe a tapas table too. With this, I don’t mean that we were walking thinking on the bed and the tapas, but we were able to walk “not worrying about the bed and the tapas” because we knew “they were coming” (or better said, they were awaiting for us).

    I think your idea of “transferring the worry” to the situation is what I needed to read this Saturday morning, as I have my breakfast. I am not sure what that means in terms of actions (or orders!), but as you said: “It’s about time”.

    Happy to be back to the neighborhood loves,

    1. Cris ~ what I was getting at was that I was see cancer in a new light. And cancer being the problem that I see personally. Of course other people have other problems and they might not work the same. But what I have been seeing is how controlling cancer is and how it literally takes people over to the point where they are channeling cancer. People become their problem. That is what I have been seeing. This is a part of meeting (fighting) cancer that is outside of the medical realm but super important. I am going to do some more blogging on this today.

      Always remember that we are with you as you walk your personal journey. Praying that you keep your focus. Praying for strength and guidance for you. Praying that you keep the lamp of joy lit. Felipé.x

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