How Is It?

In the soft light...
In the soft light…

I remember vividly talking about this two years ago as I walked with Laura in the dust of Spain. We had time, we had occasion and inclination to talk, to find out. It is still going on and I throughly appreciate that. What that is is the feeling and confidence that I am being gently handed from one great caring personality to another as time goes on. There are glitches but in general there are amazing people that love me and they “carry” me exactly when I need them. How does that work?

In some ways I am powerful and in some ways I am fragile. And that fragility is being handled by a number of people in my life that I am so grateful for. And perhaps the areas where I am powerful are helping someone else out. That is probably true. We have the ability to buoy each other up through thick and thin it looks like.

Life always seems to be much more complex and rich than we think or at least I think. It is always surprising me with it’s surprises. Right now at this moment I am feeling grateful for all you that have your finger on the pulse of my life. It is all so amazing. Feeling SoBlessed. Love on a Tuesday, Felipe.x

2 thoughts on “How Is It?”

  1. Dear Felipe:

    You hit it on the head, clearing through the muck as usual. We all feel vulnerable and weak at times, strong and courageous at others. And aren’t we fortuante to have those in lives who step up and fill the void when we need it? And yes you do that for so many and we, ALL of us, will be there to reciprocate when needed.

    See you tomorrow!


    1. Carol~ always great to hear from you. Funny how we can help each other out and really it’s not that hard most of the time. Can’t wait to meet up with you and company sometime in the near future. Love, Felipe.

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