Gratitude, by William our CCBC

There are a Multitude of experiences from this Life Journey that I am grateful for.


None the least of these is my privilege to have connected with Phil Volker, Rebecca Graves and Family.


A number of years ago I emailed Phil for the first time to introduce myself.


I mentioned that I was a Stranger to him although in my way of thinking a Stranger is simply a friend you haven’t met yet.


Phil’s response was  “Come Walk With Me”.


This invitation resonated deeply within me.


It took several years before I was able to fulfil this invite.


On August the 20th of 2019 I started out on my 3 day driving/camping trip.


Raven Ranch for the “Veranda Gathering” was my planned destination.




Thank You Phil and Rebecca and Family.

Camino Loves.

Your C.C.B.C.