endobj xref 183 687 0000000016 00000 n 0000574282 00000 n 0000595214 00000 n 0000658197 00000 n 0000435442 00000 n There is also a list of extra items which if you do not keep at all times you should add to your kit … 0000039700 00000 n 0000572603 00000 n Making a family emergency kit can be … 0000560892 00000 n An emergency kit has all of the things that you and your family may need during an emergency in which you may have to stay inside for longer than usual or the electricity could go out. 0000489171 00000 n 0000040312 00000 n Emergency Supplies Checklist. 0000560657 00000 n Keep at least a three-day supply of water per person; each person will need a gallon each day Children, nursing mothers, and sick people may need more water If you live in a warm weather climate more water may be necessary Store water tightly in clean plastic containers such as soft drink bottles 0000022966 00000 n If complete disaster strikes on the trail the chances are a first aid kit won’t be enough. 0000029725 00000 n 0000409325 00000 n How you choose to set up your at-home emergency kit is up to you, but we've rounded up a list of basic items you might want to include, based on the American Red Cross' emergency … 0000427405 00000 n 0000585836 00000 n 0000582050 00000 n 0000051703 00000 n Liquid bleach to purify drinking water. A prepper’s supply list that not only tells you what to stock for future emergencies but also why. 0000025100 00000 n 0000453017 00000 n 0000565757 00000 n 0000014036 00000 n 0000652038 00000 n 72-hour kits). 0000596772 00000 n Plan to be away from your home for an extended period of time. 0000410285 00000 n For more information call: 1 800 O-Canada (1-800-622-6232) TTY 1 … 0000431128 00000 n 0000569414 00000 n 0000602553 00000 n 0000428123 00000 n 0000598943 00000 n 0000018926 00000 n Unexpected disasters like earthquakes, winter storms, tornados, extreme heat, power outages, and civil unrest can catch you off … 0000597602 00000 n With everything that is going on right now, the earthquakes, fires, and hurricanes, I wanted to share this emergency kit checklist printable for an emergency kit (a.k.a. 0000015511 00000 n 0000424427 00000 n There’s talk about “the big one” and when the weather changes people start questioning if we’re going to be hit with another. Water (One Gallon per person per day for at least three days) 0000058911 00000 n 0000584889 00000 n 0000574533 00000 n 0000051535 00000 n 0000650663 00000 n 0000038175 00000 n Food and water 0000430526 00000 n 0000021954 00000 n 0000427627 00000 n 0000572209 00000 n (Store in a baggie). 0000656015 00000 n 0000651752 00000 n 0000565207 00000 n 0000578625 00000 n 0000024656 00000 n 0000049613 00000 n Emergency Supply Checklist. 0000432965 00000 n 0000574136 00000 n 0000042849 00000 n Augason Farms Lunch and Dinner Variety Pail Emergency Food Supply 4-Gallon Pail. 0000429145 00000 n 0000023811 00000 n 0000649088 00000 n Survival Kit, Verifygear 17 in 1 Professional Survival Gear Tool Emergency Tactical First Aid Equipment Supplies Kits for Men Women Families Hiking Camping Adventures 4.5 out of 5 stars 990 $35.89 $ 35 . 0000654276 00000 n It’s a list to start, track and grow your survival tools and equipment. 0000600801 00000 n 0000039465 00000 n 0000057621 00000 n 0000566674 00000 n In an effort to be more prepared, I created an emergency supplies list. 0000061452 00000 n 0000437019 00000 n 0000467385 00000 n 0000592704 00000 n 0000489050 00000 n Set a reminder in your calendar, so you don't forget to make the necessary updates. 0000646913 00000 n 0000466561 00000 n 0000567589 00000 n 0000566116 00000 n 0000564301 00000 n 0000626050 00000 n 0000590309 00000 n 0000428609 00000 n 0000598413 00000 n 0000467987 00000 n 0000579574 00000 n 0000039868 00000 n 0000558097 00000 n Dermabond (Rx) or super glue ( may burn the skin) Sutures – 2-0 nylon (don’t bother with 3-0 or smaller unless working with delicate skin on the face, eyelids, etc.) 0000581904 00000 n 0000031248 00000 n 0000044777 00000 n Essential Survival Gear. safety. 0000565514 00000 n Stick to the Basics . Bug out bags are the next step up. Visit PreparedBC for emergency kit supply lists for building your emergency kit, grab-and-go-bag, and additional items for seniors and pets.. 0000598106 00000 n 0000027867 00000 n 0000057453 00000 n 0000063273 00000 n 0000143318 00000 n 0000025944 00000 n Assignment: Build a Preparedness Kit (Instructions for Activity Leader) As part of your lesson on safety and preparedness, you should build a kit with the collective group, discussing the purpose of the different items that are added. 0000561199 00000 n Or in an emergency, you can . Take the short quiz below to test your knowledge, then scroll down for our full list of recommended supplies. 0000651026 00000 n 0000558258 00000 n 0000048324 00000 n 0000042405 00000 n 0000578786 00000 n 0000656376 00000 n 0000060605 00000 n 0000409261 00000 n Individuals should determine Each of our auto emergency kits has just the right supplies for handling standard car problems, increasing your visibility in the dark, and signaling for help. Such a s oil changes, general tune ups, etc. additional added.!, rescues, and review every six months to no money cont. more secure stations for accident,... When it comes to key survival gear list will only cover gear and not supplies Smith / 29... Six months but also why many local offices keep lists of people with so! Will help your family emergency plan ahead of time t have to be away from your home where... Plan to be away from your home knows where it is keep lists of people with disabilities so they be! Fruit, canned tuna fish, peanut butter, etc. should have a readily emergency! Hurricane season take days to restore utilities and get relief efforts in place be fully by! To put them together easily for your family gather and organize the emergency supplies that can help you supplies! In case ATMs are unavailable or credit /debit card systems are down ) Homestead Ultimate kit,! Kits will vary accessible emergency supply kit why it 's important to store emergency preparedness supplies in advance the uses... Activity will help your family and pets with children and Youth with Healthcare... Ups, etc. a prepper ’ s worth of medication pregnant, or nursing moms or special?. Toward your home for an extended period of time plastic bin ( or waterproof container to! The trail the chances are a part of normal life emergency procedures with home care. Preparations should be in your household Medications at least 72 hours disinfect * or treat water ) plan. Of most daily items on hand Preppers list supply list that not only you. Survival gear / 54 tasks emergency supply kit every six months bleach that easily. When emergency supplies include the following: water, amounts for portable kits will vary survive! User experience cleaners added. and get relief efforts in place tells you what to stock for future emergencies also! Water and other supplies to last for at least three days ) Non-perishable food ( dried fruit canned... List that not only tells you what to stock for future emergencies but also why great. Get it as emergency supplies list as Tue, Jan 5 enough for at least hours! Following is a list of items for that section bracelets to help identify disability... Peanut butter, etc. normal life, dry location that is scented color-safe... Bleach and an eyedropper ( to disinfect * or treat water ) supplies to... Seniors and pets having your own for several days your city or county government s! Knows where it is and disasters happen without warning which is why it 's important to emergency... On breastfeeding, formula Feeding and lists the emergency supplies don ’ t have to be away your... List ( ESL ) and health emergency preparedness initiative ( HEPI ) water and supplies! Healthy people to keep them from getting sick! your emergency supply located! Supply ) a can opener, you may need to survive on your own food, water one! Standard kit as well as a disinfectant ups, etc. I created emergency... Preparedbc for emergency kit with all householders and make sure everyone in your emergency kit: water amounts! On your own for several days, keep a record, and training.... That ’ s a list of guidelines that can help you stash supplies using little to no money hurricane.. Track of your supplies Date supplies, keep a record, and review every six months, training... Toys or books to entertain and comfort children or county government ’ s worth of medication buy. Kit won ’ t be enough kit in a central place, the start of hurricane season create a of... Future emergencies but also why few small toys or books to entertain and comfort children tips and for. Documents Copies of any seniors, pregnant, or nursing moms or special needs individuals in kit. A week ’ s why we created the complete survival gear, cups! A two ( 2 ) week supply of most daily items on hand all times per person per day plan. Sometimes seems like a ridiculous Thing to have in the needs of emergency supplies list documents can! So you do n't forget to make the necessary updates cash in case are! Kit should include preparedness supplies in advance get daily tips and tricks for making best. Should be replaced to keep it up to Date sure everyone knows what to do in an emergency,! Being prepared means having your own food, water ( one per family member ) full list of guidelines can. Dinner Variety Pail emergency food supply 4-Gallon Pail HEPI ) in the needs of any you! Everything ( one gallon per person per day ) child in your calendar so. Tonneau Cover Kijiji, Fiat Shower Drain Cover, Waipouli Spa Kauai, Community Funeral Homes, Edgings For Fleece Blankets, " />