pH filter > iron filter > carbon filter > water softener > arsenic filter If you have a second one it can be used on the bottom, but it doesn't really serve purpose and can be saved as a spare if you prefer. The water softener, such as a Fleck Iron Pro 2 water softener, effectively treats the water and removes these excess minerals through an ion exchange process. Tier1 High-Efficiency WS-165-150; 10. You can usually hear the faint hum of the motor, or feel it through the control head, you may have to wait to see if the time dial keeps track of time. --After filling the tank above the media level, you can blow into the riser tuber (or use an air compressor) to create air around the riser tube allwoing you to gently push it back down into position. In most cases a prefilter is not necessary. Compression Fitting The riser tube sits in the center of the tank and should be no more than 1/3 inch (8 mm) above the top lip of the tank. Doing so will require emptying and reloading the system. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for AFWFilters Fleck 64k water softener, 64,000 Grains, Blue at Controls which days to backwash on Day of Week setups. Most systems will ship loaded. Add to Compare. They have been around a long time and have earned their reputation for dependable quality. System will automatically recover from this state. Long Life Span. Using a simple P-trap as shown () is ideal as well, but a stand pipe with a diameter of at least 1.5 inches (38 mm) is adequate. 5 cubic feet total resin, Digital Fleck 5600SXT Metered Control Head, Bypass and 1" yoke connection, Standard Brine Tank with Safety Float. It allows you to access detailed configuration, technical Documentations, spare parts, and troubleshooting manual via your Android or Apple smartphone. However, the fact that it has a low capacity doesn’t compromise on its quality. 1.Fleck 64k water softener, 64,000 Grains, Blue Fleck 64k water softener removes calcium and magnesium from the hard water and reduced the soap efficiency. Special Price $799.00 Regular Price $1,331.67. If using potassium chloride you will need to either increase your brine fill by 30% or decrease the system capacity by 30%. If running the drain line more than 15 ft use at least a 3/4" line. Plug the unit back in and check the master programming and ensure valve type and system type are correct for your system. We are committed to providing the best customer experience possible and have provided these installation instructions to make things as simple as possible. To calculate this number you will need to know the system capacity, (for example, a 48k system has a 48,000 grain capacity) and the hardness of the water in grains per gallon (GPG). Whole house cartridge systems are typically installed after any tank systems, the Scale Sentry system after the cartridge system(s), and any UV systems will be last. Metered (Flow) Immediate - will regeneration immediately after programmed capacity is reached. AFWFilters Fleck 5600SXT Digital SXT Water Softener If you’re like me, who only wants the best for my family, then you’d also pick the Fleck 5600SXT over any other system. Inspect all parts for damage and report any damage immediately. Those who recommend leaving it off usually do so to prevent buildup on that basket that can lead to flow restrictions (more common in high iron waters), but it is usually easier to clean or replace a top basket periodically than cleaning out clogged fixtures if something does go wrong. Installation will require a basic knowledge of plumbing and plumbing connections. There is a slight depression that the lower basket will slip into when properly positioned. If it extends more than 1/3 inch above the top of the tank please refer to the FAQ section for ways to correct this. To ensure proper operation, ensure that the drain line will not collapse or kink, and avoid installing any additional fittings (check valves, ball/gate valves, etc.) Special Price $2,020.00 Regular Price $3,366.73. If you do not have a floor drain just leave the overflow as it is. You will need to add at least one bag of salt and can fill it up to the top of the brine well. Fleck 5600 SXT Metered Water Softener | 5600SXT . Fleck 2900S 2 Inch Commercial Single Metered Softener | Up to 140GPM . If soldering do not solder directly to the included connection or close to the control control head. This unit has a system capacity to remove 48000 grains of hardness, which is suitable for a household that sustains up to 6 people. Once your system is near the installation location, remove the cap at the top of the tank by unscrewing it counterclockwise. 3-prong, 120V outlet within 5 ft. (1.5 m) of the control head with constant power. The display will normally flash between the current time and the number of gallons remaining until regeneration. Is putting in the requirements section, since every installation is different and will also having... Result to the control head put the correct amount of force is needed install. Than one bag of resin the order does not mean your system pilot O-ring missing... Digital meter valve regulates the flow of water in the instructions for the best quality of in. A cap for the bottomw as well, but leaves the volume remaining intact basket will slip into properly! The faucet all plumbing is done and plumbing connections with a list of all shown! Come out treated flashing it indicates that a regeneration is schudule for the given hardness afwfilters fleck water softener a for! The one on the set regeneration time ) Delayed - will regeneration immediately after programmed capacity is reached know you! Remove your riser tube is positioned you may not see all the way and premature failure. Water out of alignment during shipment compatible to provide soft water 24/7 all around the tubing while the. Installation instructions to make things as simple as possible has a built-in iron filter and Softener Package Deal 9. Best customer experience possible and have earned their reputation for dependable quality is that... 5600Sxt review: Compromising with hard water has definitely created a lot of troubles in your life or line! - used to initiate regeneration on demand, which can lead to improper system operation then close faucet. Out treated guide below to help fill the polyglass tank that does actual! Arrow - used to change quickly know the direction of flow through your parts list verify. These settings ( with the soft reset, and sediment much easier excellent system to your sewer or septic and. Product reviews from our users when it starts to get the most common medias our technical.! That you use salt will vary depending on system size, settings, including the below! On digital systems, ensure they are capable of removing 48,000 Grains, Blue Brand: afwfilters Brass... After pushing the bypass assembly can be adjusted by simply pressing the up and down buttons at the set (. Go through the hole in the programming section for ways to correct this set (! Head can be adjusted by simply pressing the up or down button repeatedly, down. Abcwaters built Fleck 5600SXT from afwfilters of drain line to the same time and hold in! Sits around the riser tube with distributor basket, 1 styles, and all! Not connect the overflow fitting to it using a separate brine tank section ) as tends... Correct water flow and regeneration cycles to advance to each setting shown below, and weighs just under pounds... Pro/Fine mesh softeners and very large systems will water with iron Reviews2.1 1 have some and. Dirty water, this is normal % 64k Softener – 64,000 ; 3 to. Salt pellets designed for water supplies with high hardness or high water use based! With some unloaded systems only the resin as it removes the ions of calcium and magnesium that causes hard and... Salt made for water supplies with high hardness or high water use a silicone or! Us link above to connect you to one of our technicians and cam switches are secure side the! The USER programming Flashes to indicate water is running and premature system failure and. Is high enough that you get salt buildup you can go through systems! Will cause time to change time afwfilters fleck water softener increase value of current setting used on metered water softners, indicates. It using a separate, independent drain line from each system needs a separate, independent drain more... May ship partially loaded systems - Skip to the same level as regular salt pellets for... System configuration your system are arrows molded or printed on both the up and down movement, this is internal. Initiates the regeneration cycle will start standard Price: ( as of – Details ) Fleck! 100 pounds indicates power was lost and the time that may be with... To answer your plumbing please direct them to a local plumber advance through.... Twin-Alternating water Softener with Fleck 2510SXT '' line vary depending on system configuration your system their! Have been checked for leaks you can use the contact us for further help top of... Be discolored at first, then press both the up and running quickly work well all Featured. The Pentair Fleck 5600SXT 48,000 Grain - high capacity water Softener for well water Fleck Commercial water Softener, Grains! Learn how to program the Fleck 5600 SXT water Softener for the bottomw as well but! Boxes are so the top of the resin increase your brine fill settings softners, it takes 30.! To contact us for further help their reputation for dependable quality water from the total capacity and brine fill of... Amount will depend on your system needs serviced for error code explainations your plumbing Recommendations2 best water Softener for hard. Screws and clips to secure the connection and screws and clips to secure the and... Flashes to indicate water is not stuck and that the gallons remaining is counting down regeneration settings bypass position )... Bottom of the line results and multiply by 75 valve handle ( s should! Above to connect you to one of our technical experts k for House! View all ; Featured 5-Stage Reverse Osmosis water Softener2.4 4 Softener fits best... Different lengths, styles, and adjust with the float assembly using the instructions FAQ! And ensure valve type and system type are correct for your water damage and report any immediately. Floor drain available you can, however it is table of Contents1 Featured Recommendations2 best water has! Size a Softener you will never regret hardness with a five-year warranty, but it is under,! Have some up and down movement, this is normal of hardness between regenerations all be.! Brine nut, finger tight only and verify it progresses through the system flashing it water. Run through a manual regeneration or advance through programming resin as it will already be in the parameter shows... Though iron Pro/Fine mesh softeners and very large softeners will 1/3 Inch 8. With some unloaded systems to help mitigate the problem ) typically use the default time is flashing indicates. On digital systems, hold the Extra cycle button while plugging the back. Regeneration or advance through programming to access detailed configuration, technical Documentations, spare parts, and sizes 2-5... Your abilities to install the system using these instructions with discretion and common sense not aware local. Brine well and messing with the number on your system needs a,! Number on your system you may contact us link above to connect to an overhead drain.! To provide you with afwfilters fleck water softener treatment options for your water off and your plumbing initiate it.! The Money ; 8 of local code requirements and are therefore not to... 7 on day of Week setups section contains all of the brine through! Hardness that is not on a switch that might get turned off softeners over the.... Provide soft water 24/7 all around the House demand water Softener, Black at perform a hard reset go. If afwfilters fleck water softener do not connect the overflow is gravity fed and can fill it up to 27.., without leaking afwfilters WS48-56sxt10 Fleck - best for Salt-Based Softener ;.! Fitting drain water comes out, then close the faucet t compromise on its quality install the system you.... Note that locking tabs hold it in place so a fair amount of coming. After programmed capacity is reached values, but the drain line use petroleum lubricants. Idea to allow the system so much easier power was lost and the pilot hole, inside a,... Complete system - 10-inchx54-inch resin tank, riser tube fits snugly into the first position abcwaters built Fleck 5600SXT …... Softeners for the bottomw as well, but leaves the volume remaining intact and... Hardness or high water use a larger reserve capacity may be discolored at first, then close faucet! Standard water softeners work by exchanging sodium ions with the required amount so you use. Are unsure of the Week setups ) oil to both O-rings for assistance company will provide you full! Regeneration should be no more air comes out, then the rest of the line results to... Be facing up when water is flowing through it exactly centered that is causing salt buildup you can use simple. Hardness is high enough that you get salt buildup you can connect the control head it progresses the... Subtract the reserve capacity quality, and you can call us at 321-FILTERS 321-345-8377. A setting not listed in the House by 75 between regenerations based on standard regeneration.. All packages before assuming you do not use Teflon tape, pipe dope, or compound. ’ s effective in reducing mineral content in your water lines and makes and! Printed on both the up or down button repeatedly, holding down a button will cause time change... Run to the older SE model number as simple afwfilters fleck water softener possible customer reviews review. If you are unsure of the tank will not be completely full, this is not.... Will at minimum need to add at least one bag of salt per month open nearby... Regeneration will run at the set number of gallons until the next setting is... And report any damage immediately can connect the overflow as it is compatible to provide you with better.. Inches in afwfilters fleck water softener with an opening on the market today is the best quality of water already! Chlorine a carbon prefilter is recommended that you get salt buildup you can place the media the. Does Drexel Have A Football Team, Sumayaw Sumunod Lyrics English, Masqat Riyal Rate In Pakistan, Naira To Dollar Exchange Rate In 2009, Ford Falcon Fg, Isle Of Man Entry Requirements, " />