Pic just in from Gracie in Australia.  We were all lucky to be there!
Pic just in from Gracie in Australia. We were all lucky to be there!

Everytime I hear that word I’m back in that Humphrey Bogart movie and “Badges! We don’t need no stinking badges!”. Yea, but this is 2016 and we do need the official badges to get around at the upcoming film festival in Austin. Waiting for the official email with news on that.

Ah,the life of a movie star. Yes, not all glitz. And Pilgrim Farmer John in Iowa has started a campaign to flood the festival folks in Dubuque with requests for Phil’s Camino. What a guy! We have to start something in Seattle to stir up trouble here. Michele?

Yup, and it’s springtime (almost) (on the verge) (95%) (close as can be) (particularly) (at least hopefully) here at the ranch. Busy time of year to get everything done that the change of season dictates. Then we have these pesky film festivals to contend with. They couldn’t do them in the rainy season?

Let’s see what else is going on? Ah, Mrs Graves (My Rebecca in her teacher role) gave me a “Cute” on my blog post yesterday. What? Well, I jumped on it and lobbied it up to a Cute+. Yea, at least.

Well, OK, have to run and make it all happen, making hay while the sun shines. Ok, the email from South By Southwest just came in with the stinking badges, ah the badges. Keep it all going there where you are, love, Felipe.

2 thoughts on “Badges?”

  1. Hola Amigo Felipe!

    And the good folks in Iowa are paying attention. Got a nice note from Susan who honcho’s the Dubuque Festival thanking me for my interest and “background” on your movie. Always great to hear back from people who could easily dismiss us. Had a similar experience earlier this week when I wrote a note to one of my favorite charities “Operation Smile”. I received a nice, personal, professional reply answering my questions and leaving the conversation open to further discussion at my leisure. Love that kind of reassurance of the goodness of nearly all of us. It’s the “bad apples” that stink up the barrel and get all the attention, but it’s all the “good eggs” that sustain us and keep the wheels of decency turning.
    Have faith that I’ll actually get to meet you and your beloved Rebecca and that rascal Annie (and associates) yet this spring. Spring is always full of hope like that. 🙂


    1. Juan ~ thanks so much for your help softening up the target area. I’ve got a good feeling about this one. And nice to hear of your good experiences, yea that’s heartening. Just going to change the subject and tell you that I was out lawn mowing this afternoon. Have a nice warm week going on although next week looks wet. Yea, almost spring. OK, later buddy, Felipe.

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