Again again

Everyone starts the Camino for a reason. In my case I started by myself with the intention to clear my thoughts to make sure I am following the path in life that is right for me.  What I didn’t know was that along the Camino I would meet some of the most amazing and inspiring people that each have their story to tell. I feel very lucky to continue my journey along with some of these angels, including Phil and Kelly, and I would recommend anyone to take the chance to do the same. Buen Camino! /Milo


The Camino opened  my eyes. So many wonderful people, beautiful nature and places to stay. This is a start of my life lesson. I intend  to enjoy life more and be inspirated by the small things in life.

Phil  and Kelly are amazing guys, full of humor, good spirit, and positive thinking.

I am great full of meeting them, I am stop complaining so much and be thankful for the things i have

Enjoy the Camino.   Love Linda