A Cold Monday

Storm shelter on the Napoleon trail over the mountains.
(photo W Hayes)

What is rolling around in my head is the topic of connectivity. As with boiling down my Camino experience into one word and that would be hospitality, we could boil down Caminoheads blog and get connectivity.
And this connectivity might be the key to understanding the phenomenon of synchronicity.

We all talked about Camino magic as a thing. One example could be the appearance of help in whatever form at exactly the right time or place for you or yours. Things seemed to cooperate on some level most of the time. It took care of you. Maybe this isn’t so strange a thing but how things are supposed to be. I am beginning to think that it is related to our communication and connectivity.

The better we are connected to God and our fellow man the greater the magic. Of course magic might be a really too casual a word for this. But it does seem magical!

This whole deal of Debra being a messenger for a dream for me is some kind of indication of connectivity that I wasn’t aware of before. This is all on the woo woo side of things but what the heck. I have Catherine working on the possible interpretation of the symbolism in this communication as we were talking about it yesterday.

So, yup, stay connected. Off I go to the morning walk and then my energy work with Janet over the phone.

magical loves, Felipé.

7 thoughts on “A Cold Monday”

  1. “Maybe this isn’t so strange a thing but how things are supposed to be.” Brilliant.

  2. There seems to be currents under the surface of reality of unknown nature and I think what we call magic is the real,or imagined, ability to manipulate these currents using will.however it seems very unreliable when transposed to our universe as these currents don’t move in our normal space/time framework and appear random in nature or to be out of sync with us.of course there’s a lot of fakery but I’ve seen a few odd things to know that some of it is genuine and can’t be explained based on what we currently know about the mechanisms of the universe or perhaps multiverse.

    1. Kevan ~ I know, mysterious stuff. I don’t believe that I am talking about anything tricky or dangerous. Just talking about communications. Maybe magic is not a good word for me for this, too much baggage. There always seems to be a language problem when we get to really interesting topics. Felipé.

  3. Magic is a very ancient word and came to English via Latin and Greek but has it’s origins in the Persia word magus.it may have it’s origins in Zoroastrianism regarded as one of the world’s oldest organised religions although the Zoroastrians are thin on the ground now.some see it as a monotheistic faith others a dualistic faith in which two gods;Ahuru Mazda and Spenta Mayanu do battle for the soul of man.in most versions there’s a single creator God from which these two emanated.Zoroastrains mainly live in Iran and around Mumbai/Bombay in India unlike Christians and Muslims but a bit like Jews they don’t seek converts so their numbers a very low.the lead singer of Queen, Freddie Mercury as Zoroastrian and although he was originally from Zanzibar his ancestors had moved there from India.

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