On The Road Again

The scene here at St Michael’s .

Esther is driving, born to drive.  I am next to her in shotgun.  My Rebecca and Annie are behind us so they can keep their eye on us.  Dom our excellent sound man is in the way back with all his gear.  

The ferry is just coming in.  It is kind of sideways with all the wind and the current whipping by.  Dom said this is one of the trickiest landing in the Sound at the south end of Vashon.  We are off to Tacoma and then done to Olympia for our film showing today.  Yea, Phil’s Camino is on it’s way to St Michael’s for a shindig.  Never been to St Michael’s.  

Andrew just showed up, he is riding the same boat.  He set this whole thing up so we are headed in the right direction.  The event is at 1PM and we just got off the 9:40.  Annie likes to get to these events early to “get the lay of the land”.  This all includes technical stuff like a sound check and then us just getting used to the space.  

We have a film crew coming also who are meeting us there.  We have never captured a Q and A session which can be fascinating.  So, that is happening along with just giving our audience due attention.  

This reminds me that I need to begin to tune into this audience now to make sure that I can mesh with them seamlessly.  So, I will fill you in on the happenings tomorrow when we meet again.  Alperfect, love, Felipe.

Things Bursting And Ricocheting Around The Venue

William, ever on the prowl for news.


OK, I really don’t know where to go from here.  There is so much energy here right now that I am barely holding on.  Spring energy and end of project energy which we have talked about.  Visitor energy with Annie and Esther coming tonight.  I’m not even getting to Lourdes energy which I am trying to keep the cork in for the moment.

Now just have to keep rowing at a steady pace and on a steady course to keep myself in tune, in time with it all.  Then we have reports coming in from our bureau chiefs.  William our Canadian Chief is reporting from Hawaii the Big Island.  Check out the pix.  I can’t wait to meet him in person one of these days.

Esther had an awesome comment combining the robust fecundity of our descriptions of springtime with the blossoming of Caminohead energy.  Camino dust abounds, it is thick in the air like the tree pollen right now.  The air seems visible right now.  Yes, certainly, this could all be.

It is wild and wacky but deep and wide.  It is slick and slippery but something you can always count on.  It is visible and then disappears.  It seems to travel well but can be found everywhere.  It is timelessly but then always here at the very moment.  It is friend and foe.  It helps you move forward and then trips you up.  You can always give it away but you will never tire of it.

Just have to surf on it all right now, the only thing to do.  Blue sky, rising barometer loves, Felipe.

Clear And Chilly

Corn seed waiting for me to get back from Lourdes.


Thursday morning with a walk at 9:00.  The sky is blue and the land is starting to dry out and warm up.   The trail still has some standing water in a few places and the creek was running still on Tuesday so more sun is needed.  I have been able to start mowing is the drier areas, which is good.  This time of year I have to hit the ground running when it comes to mowing.  The grass and associated flora grow at such a rate that they will overwhelm the capability of your equipment in no time.  I was just saying to My Rebecca that she and Wiley will have to mow while I am gone to Lourdes.  I said that I will try and get everything done before I go and she said yea, it’s not going to stay done.  Right, that’s it.

I guess I can’t knock God’s wish for a place that grows plants at this crazy rate.  This scene is so robust that you can practically watch things grow.  Or if not you had better not concentrate too hard on any one thing or in any one direction without looking behind you or you will be overwhelmed by it.  Ah, and look the swallows are back.  Catch those bugs little guys!

Pretty well wrapped up in the fold of Mother Nature around here at the moment as you can see.  I guess that’s why I am here and why my Rebecca is here for this long.  We complain about the work of it all but it, the place, the area provides.

Yes, off I need to go.  Can’t concentrate too long on this right now, the morning moves along.  See you soon, love, Felipe,



Just When You Think




Yea, just when you think you’re way smarter than some of God’s other creatures you get reminded differently.  Did you see the story about the four escaping baboons in Texas?  I remember when man was defined as the tool using animal.  These guys were stacking 55 gallon drums up to make it up and over the wall.  I like it, bet it was the event of a lifetime.

I am not guite sure what that has to do with anything but it was on my mind.  Maybe we should get going stacking stuff up for our up and over.  Who’s in?  Maybe I am not talking a physical escape but a spiritual escape.  Up and over that particular wall.

Wish I had the video of the baboons figuring that out.  That might be helpful writing a poem or some tribute to the event.  So many details unexplained at this point.

Well, let’s put that on our “to do” list for the wintertime.  Watch videos of baboons and write poetry about it.  Those are the kind of notes to self that I discover six months down the road and wonder what the heck I was thinking about on that day.

But it is spring here, almost anyway, time for outdoor stuff.  Mowing and beating back the jungle is calling me.  Have to get out on the driveway with the chainsaw.  If it overgrows anymore the UPS guy will never attempt a run at it.

Boy, there is a blog post that we haven’t seen the likes of in a while.  No time to look back now, the jungle grows, see ya, love, Felipe.



Sun And Wind

Light coming from outside, strange.


Wow, so that’s what sunshine looks like!  Here we all feel like we are crawling out from under some rock.  Man, that was a soggy stretch for even us webfoot people.  Anyway, have the California girls coming up this weekend and need things looking reasonable for them.

Yea, Annie and Esther will be here to do a showing and some filming.  Our event is at St Michael’s Catholic Church in Olympia, WA on Saturday afternoon, 1-4 o’clock.  This is the downtown St Michael’s Church.  Apparently there are two in the Olympia area.  Looking forward to this, have to shine my tie and iron my shoes.

This may be a shorty today here at Caminoheads as I am so drawn to get out in the sunshine.  I am still working everyday on pushing my cabinet job forward so I can get them installed before Lourdes, so there is that.  Then the grass is all growing.

Alperfect, once again, sunny loves, Felipe.



A Change Is Noticed

…just on the Camino.


Somehow I have been trudging along writing Caminoheads for almost four years and have failed to notice something possibly important.  There has been a shift, a change over time.  One way to look at it is that I have not kept up with certain important people in my world, in the Caminoheads’ world.

It has dawned on me recently that my whole readership has changed.  If I may back up slightly to fill in some history, the original idea for this blog came from my nurses at the oncology treatment center.  This was just before running off to Spain with the newly hired film crew.  So originally there were the nurses reading and then there were pilgrims reading that I walked with in Spain reading Caminoheads later in 2014.  And although I still have some of these “old timers” on board almost all of the current readership are folks that have joined since then.

This phenomenon in one way I feel guilty about in the sense that I have neglected precious readers possibly.  Or perhaps this shift sort of proves that The Camino does live on in a very vital way.  It lives on with people all over and it can be kept and shared.  What I am saying is that we here are inspiring each other, or buoying each other up when we had no physical connection through the Camino de Santiago proper.  It is enough to be a “graduate”.

I must send out emails to my Camino buddies to reconnect.  We need each other’s energy and direction always.  Please forgive me you guys for this lapse.   This is what happens when you make stuff up as you go along, my favorite method.

OK, have a walk momentarily.  A gray soggy morning here.  There is standing water on the trail again and Raven Creek is flowing just like real wintertime although it is April.  Time for things to dry out.  The California girls, Annie and Esther, are showing up here on Friday evening so we need some last minute springtime for them, please.

Lapsed loves, Felipe.

Hola Caminoheads

That was it.


It’s Father David’s fiftith birthday today, that’s pretty exciting.  He is such a sweet guy, we hope that he has many more.  Little Helena who usually sits in front of us at Mass, Catherine calls her the Ambassador of Joy, produced a handmade card for the occasion. He was so happy.

In other good news I am going to wrap up our fundraiser for the fourth grade class at St Joseph’s School in California.  I had a donation can out on Phil’s Camino and people responded and we raised, ready, $166 for the class.  I envisioned that they would have a little year end party for themselves since they worked so hard this year.  This all had it’s start a few weeks ago when some mysterious person or group sent a “Random Act of Kindness” card with some funds to us.  So, the kindness is ricocheting outward.

“Ricocheting outward”, I like it, I am seeing it.  Remember the Disney demonstration of what a chain reaction is, done way back in the 60’s, well maybe not.  They had a gymnasium set up with wall to wall set mousetraps and on each trap they carefully placed a ping pong ball.  Then to start the chain reaction they threw in one innocent lone ping pong ball and all hell broke loose with the whole gym becoming involved with the chaos.

OK, that was pretty exciting.  Well off to lunch and the wood shop.  There is a walk today at 4 PM, maybe the rain will hold off.  Come if you can, ricocheting love, Felipe.



A Saturday

…just on the Camino.


Oh sorry, just saw that I didn’t publish the blog post yesterday.  Too much going on then I guess with me caught in the big city with no money.  But things resolved themselves well.  Somehow I got some financial aid out of the deal from the hospital and American Cancer Society, like help with parking and ferry expenses and a super market gift card.  Just what I need for my weight gain program.  So bad turns into good.

We had Bible Guys this morning and we are working on the first book of the whole shebang, Genesis.  Reading the Old Testament or the Hebrew Bible is not something that we do mostly, or well really but there is a lot there that yields itself with some digging and figuring.  The newest member of our group has some real experience in Holy Land archeological so digging seems appropriate as he lead the group today.

So this is all BC, this reading that we are doing but it can be read as history plus more because it to the believers eyes is loaded with hints and foreshadowing about things far in the future as in AD.  It is one continuous story.  So, we dig and figure.

All this talk about my Bible class is really a lead up to showing you a paragraph from a book I have been reading in conjunction with this study of Genesis and the early Israelites and their relationship with God.  The book is entitled The Compact Guide To The Whole Bible with the keyword being whole.  It points out the continuous story through the Ages as it goes through the whole Bible.

Anyway, there is a paragraph that jumped out at me the other day and I had to search back a dozen pages to find it and look at it again.  It reminds me of something that the blog deals with more than a little.  I am not sure I can put it in a few words but with things Camino mundane things and happenings have a way of turning sacred on us as we walk, as we live.  We have talked about it.

”…God  has no trouble working with and through broken and flawed Israelites.  This capacity on God’s part may be viewed as sacramental.  That is, God has the ability to transform human activity into divine activity, to make the ordinary extraordinary, and to make the mundane sacred.”  Frank Anthony Spina.

This touches on us, we the broken and flawed pilgrims in our wanderings.  Our walking in the mud is more than that.  Yes?

Love, Felipe.





Have A Ferry Ticket

Counting up my assets here right now.  It’s good to have a ferry ticket in hand.   Old Chemobrain Phil ran off Vashon without his wallet.  I’m borrowing twenty dollars from one of the nurses to get out of the hospital parking lot.  Then I think I can make it back to the ranch.

But that is a minor problem on the scale of things just inconvenient and slightly embarrassing.  That’s always good to keep in mind that it is a small thing.  One of my Bible Guys has had an emergency stay at a Seattle hospital.  That sounds a bit more serious.  Prayers for my friend David please.

So, those are local comings and goings.  I video chatted with Cris in Buenos Aires last afternoon.  I called here from the Laundry room next door at Wiley’s where the baby ducks are.  I was trying to show Cris but my IPad scared them so they were always running away.  We were talking about Dr Dan Siegel’s uTube video that I posted here at the blog yesterday or maybe the day before.

What Dr Dan talks about has brought some clarity to us about things Camino.  We find ourselves searching for clarity.  Trying to “figure things out” again as always it seems.  We after all this time are still working on the mysteries of the Way.  Yes, well maybe we never do get to the end of it but it is fun trying.

I think that I will go and read Richard Rohr’s blog post for the day and see what he’s got for us.  And this is Friday the 13th, there is a topic.  Maybe that is why my wallet is gone.

OK, time for a nap.  See you tomorrow, love Felipe.

Blogging Like We Mean It

Along Phil’s Camino by Rho.


How are things today?  Ready for another big day?  We have showers here with our continuing spring weather.  Morel mushrooms are popping up in this wet warm environment.  May be lucky enough to find them, they are tricky little guys.

Cris our South American Bureau Chief just came in with a UTube link of a half hour talk by Dr Dan Siegel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zF8nBDKxAQI

I viewed it yesterday and found it quite insightful.  You might want to check it out in conjunction with what Caminoheads has been largely about since Lin asked the pivotal question, “So what have you figured out?”  back along the trail.  We were scrambling to put into words what we had figured out about the Camino Mind.  It was all very rough and tumble but we were able to nail down a few things.

Dr Dan explains how our Mind is more than a product of our personal brain activity.  It is partially that but it is also made up of each other’s Mind.  Our mind are not isolated containers belong exclusively to Me but it is also We.  Cris came up with togethernessing for this.  Dr Dan came up with the word WME, see it?  I am Me but I am more like We so he combined them, brilliant.  So much in a small package.

Lin was here February 18th, so after that our quest started if you want to look back in the archives.  Yea, there you have it for today.  I am walking in a few moments, visitors coming.  Thanks for being here,  WME love, Felipe.