Roncesvalles Plus

Kelly and I are sitting in the  Casa Cabina celebrating our victory.  It wasn’t pretty but we got it done!  And what a beautiful area.  I am celebrating also because today’s walk is supposed to be the hardest o the Camino and today is my worst day in the chemo cycle.  So, what could be better than to get to our destination before dark on a long walk, yes?

This is such a wonderful experience.  I wish you all a chance to be here sometime in the future.  It makes want to learn Spanish and move in!  Thank you St James for helping today, Phil.

P.s. –  Today at lunch in Orrison there were fifty eagles swirling around overhead.  An omen?

At Swedish

Treatment today and I am what is called a frequent flyer here.  Don’t know exactly what the benefits are but it is generally a good deal.  Ivette is here with me.  We met a great woman in the waiting room who had beautiful spirit.

I am working on my new Apple mini.   It is a challenge but I’m learning.  Will be fun to get the blog up and running in Spain.

In treatment we are right across from the nurse’s station and there is lots of action.  We’re back a few hours later and earlier I was trying to maybe describe the scene.  Thoroughly professional to start.  But after that all the nurses that I had worked with over the last three years stopped to check in.  That’s my excuse for not getting my blog post done anyway.  What a great bunch.  Sort of a party goin’ on.

OK, I running out of steam and have to check in with the  RCG (Root Canal Gal) in the AM.  What ever you’re  doing, keep it up.  SJA,  Phil (aka Lucky).


Last Minute Root Canal, No Joke

I never ran the high hurtles in high school but it seems I am getting my chance now.  OK, root canal, no problem.  That’s tomorrow though.  Today it is off to Swedish to see my beloved Oncologist and his team and then off to the last treatment.  Can’t do without my gallon of chemicals, well it seems like a gallon.

Fortunately, Ivette has been here to help me pack and she will be going with me today to the hospital.  It is so wonderful to be handed off so softly from one good soul to the next.  Really, I mean that.  She is off today though.

Had a hilarious time last night as one of the great Island artists, Will Forrester, who came over for an hour.  He is one of the most alive beings around.  This is one of the benefits of hanging out on Vashon being able to hang out with the talented locals.  Love you all!  Let’s keep each other INSPIRED!!  Phil.

Human Error

Made coffee like a thousand times before and it wound up all over the counter.  Why is that?  Forgot to put the little basket in there.  Hmm.  Rebecca walks in and says,  “Human error?”  There is some lesson to be learned here but I can’t put my finger on it at the moment.

My list of things to do before leaving for Spain is barely doable and then things keep piling on such as this toothache that popped up over the weekend.  Off to dentist here in a moment.   Yup,  St. James walk with me, I’m struggling.